All-in-One 70mm Nominal Liner, with sealant-gun simplicity to: protect, repair, resize, re-position, or fill entirely, new or damaged downlight cut-out holes in ceilings – for an “As New” finish . Fits most downlights – see list below.

Insulate and Brighten Our World – Life is Good – The Future is Bright!

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For a professional “As New” finish. Fits most downlights – see Table below. Some DIY skill required. Ensure surfaces are dust free (PVA optional). Apply Instant Plaster Filler, Intumescent Sealant (310ml tube), or plaster then fit.

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67.5 mm finished cut-out hole size – see table below. Suitable for most downlights

  1. Use as a protector/liner in a new hole of 72mm , to a finished hole size of 67.5mm – use “Instant Plaster Filler” from a Sealant Gun and allow to dry for 24 hours. Option to leave cross-sprues/bars in place, until after fitting, to help with fitting (or if you want to support plaster scrim for hole-filling – see 3. below).
  2. Use to repair or reduze size of smooth or rough holes from 72mm up to 90mm, down to a finished hole size of 67.5mm – again use “Instant Plaster Filler”. For larger holes, e.g. 100mm down to 78mm finished scut-out size, the 67.5mm insert can be cut and stretched.
  3. Use to fill a hole entirely – just leave cross-sprues intact and use plaster scrim tape to support plaster; finish by squeezing in more plaster from below. Recommended: Easifill 60 Plaster: water:plaster ratio 40:70 by volume; add plaster skim when dry and sand for a perfect as-new plasterboard finish.
  4. Provides air-tight, draught-free, dust-flare free, brand-new ceiling look – fit proud of ceiling, skim plaster over a wider area with a wide trowel

Expertly made in the UK with injection-moulded LG fire-retardant plastic – UL-94 rated

Prime plaserboard with diliuted PVA for an unbreakable bond up to 50kg load.

Intumescent sealant can also be used – drying time of 4 days recommended before fitting downlight

Suitable for circular canister/ can / recessed lighting

Design specification and thicknesses follow international building regulations

Additional details

  • 67.5 mm internal hole diameter i.e. “cut-out” size for downlight – fits most downlights; see verified list below
  • 72mm outside diameter including fins folded flat
  • 73mm rim and tough flexible plastic – it won’t be pulled through a 72mm hole
  • 89mm diameter to outside of flexible fins (can be extended further still for greater hole diameter)
  • 67.5 mm size fits smooth or rough holes from 72 mm to 90mm
  • Tough insert edge allows smaller downlight cut-out size than even the manufacturer may recommend!
  • Flexible plastic ring can be squeezed to go into hole for ease of fitting
  • To fit, just apply plaster, insert and pull down while rotating
  • 14mm height, clip-together design suitable for 9.5mm, 12.5mm and double plasterboard ceilings – new-build, and old lath-and-plaster if overall structural strength is sufficient
  • Stabilises lath and plaster ceilings, e.g. by adding plaster, e.g. start with water:plaster ratio 40:70 by volume/part
  • Ideal for upgrading to LED downlights – subsequent replacement of fitting, or changing the switch to warm, cool, daylight setting i.e. will not damage the ceiling
  • Protect – repair – resize – re-position or fill cut-out holes
  • If necessary but not recommended for a completely flat finish, can be fitted without disconnection of existing downlight, by cutting ring, e.g. at 45° from top and from bottom
  • Flexible fins
    • allow inert to be held securely in place during fitting
    • allow liner to be fixed in the plaster – invisible and secure
    • the rim just provides some additional support
  • Liner can also be used for fast, invisible hole filling and can be drilled through

67.5mm liner is suitable for the following downlights:

Make/ Model – all 67.5mm certifiedFits
Enlite E5 Fixed
Enlite E6 Pro (Fixed IP65)
Enlite E8 Fixed
Enlite E8CX
M-Pro 7W Fire Rated IP65
MPRO5 Baffle IP65
Spryte 8W Fixed
Firestay LED Integrated
Click (Scolmore):
Click FlameGuard GU10 Fixed
Click FlameGuard GU10 IP65
Inceptor Nano 4.8W
Inceptor Pico FG Fire-rated
IP65 Inceptor
Ovia Non Fire-rated
Inceptor Omni
Click Omni Colour Temp Switchable
Inceptor Max LED IP65
H2 Lite LED
H2 LiteT LED
H2 Lite 500 CSP CCT Fire rated
H2 Pro 550T
H2 Pro 700 7W Fire Rated IP65
H2 Pro Elect Low Glare Fire Rated
H2 Pro Extreme IP65 Outdoor Soffit
H4 Pro 550
H4 Lite 4.4W Adjustable-Tilt
H4 Pro 700 7W Adjustable-Tilt
Dusk-to-warm H2 Pro 550T
H2 Lite 500 CSP Colour Temp Switchable
FireSafe Fire Rated All-in-One
Spectrum RGB Halo 2200K-6500K LED
Evofire Fire Rated
Low Profile 6W Fire Rated IP65
Lux Hi-Brite 60 Tiltable
Integral Lux Ultra Slim Tiltable
Compact LED Wall Wash Adjustable
Other quoted 70mm cut-out models may also be compatible; use 2-pack as a tester – liner provides a tough, unbreakable edge, compared to plaster on its own